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DBA Manufacturing Support

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DBA Manufacturing Consulting and Implementation

Just as companies must run "lean" to stay competitive so must an organization's information systems and business processes. But how can a small, emerging or start up company do this on a limited budget?

DBA Manufacturing Software can often be the answer, and Pragmatic experts can make this a reality for your company. Our DBA expertise and support services are the solution. We have worked on nearly hundreds of ERP Projects and have over 75 successful implementations. Our team has extensive knowledge of both DBA Manufacturing Classic and DBA Manufacturing Next Generation software and numerous related applications. This facilitates not just software but real solutions to help your business thrive.

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DBA Enhancements

Working with numerous companies and projects we have developed a number of applications that compliment some of the limitations of DBA, such as:

  • Barcoding applications
  • Automated receiving
  • Automated shop floor data collection
  • Automated inventory and material movement
  • Automated job issuance and inventory returns

Beyond DBA Manufacturing?

If you have truly outgrown DBA Manufacturing or you have some other critical business requirements beyond the capability of DBA, Pragmatic has experience in other ERP software, implementations, and integrations. To learn more about this please visit

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